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I teach creative, conscious movements - a space for playfulness and strength, to arrive at inner stillness. Yoga is for me a journey towards ourselves, which aligns body, mind and spirit - a holistic approach, to master life's challenges. I am so exited to see you in class!

Yoga is all about feeling.

Feel the body - we start with certain postures, which are called Asanas - to stretch, strengthen, twist, bend, straighten our bodies, while ending each session in a deep relaxing asana - Savasana. ​

Feel the mind - while practicing the asanas, we aim to be completely focused, stopping the swirls of the mind - to feel ourselves , hear our inner voice and to connect to our inner child. ​

Feel the spirit - truthfully focusing on the asanas as well as all the other things we do throughout our daily life, we feel our own individual spirit in every action we take - to pass on compassion, peace and gratitude to the people around us. 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Our bodies weren't originally designed to sit around all day long - since sitting became a vital part of our daily habits, we long for compensation - some of us in the form of Yoga - thats why Corporate Classes are  intended for companies who wish to offer their employees the chance to regenerate, and re-motivate


I believe that the youngest in our society deserve a space where they can explore who they are and follow their intuition - without masks, fear or limits, but with inspiration, guidance and support. Yoga classes create a space where we can go on adventures through animal-themed and imagination-powered yoga journeys.


Each body is unique - therefore both beginners and intermediate students will benefit  from Private Lessons. Beginners often wish for an introduction, where all their first questions about Yoga are answered. Intermediate students dive deeper into the wonderland of Yoga asanas and philosophy. 


For me, yoga is not purely about physical movement and physical fitness. It is about spirituality, personal growth, diet / nutrition, music, dance, and really all of life. I work with groups and individuals to set different types of goals and work towards them in intuitive, natural ways.



After a number of years living, learning, and teaching in Berlin, I will be embarking on a personal and career adventure in Washington, DC, in 2019!

I will be spending a lot of 2019 in Berlin AND the States, so if you are interested in booking classes or workshops, please reach out to see when I'll be where!



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